BLISS Events & Wedding: Events management and wedding plannner in Thailand


We are committed to work as one and be the Best Events management company on the island, so we create every element with

P – Passion

We always go the extra mile with positive energy to exceed expectations.
Doing every aspect with our enthusiasm, attention to detail, competence and positive attitude.

I – Innovation

We believe great ideas inspire success.
Creating your signature program for once in a life-time events.

C – Caring

We care unconditionally for everyone.
Caring Environment and Community with our monthly Corporate Social Responsibility activity.

T – Teamwork

We know that giving a hand makes a world of difference.
Dedicated Events Manager who will be available throughout the event.

U – Urgency

We complete every task in a timely manner effectively.
Answering and delivering your request within 12 hours.

R – Respect

We agree that diversity is our strength & we respect each other.
Listening and being open to every feedback.

E – Empowerment

We appreciate & support decisions made to delight guests and each other.
Flexibility on every change at the event.

S – Safety

We share a common responsibility for a safe, clean and secure environment.
Always practice and rehearsal on every event to ensure the flawlessness of the event.