Ruth & Sam wedding over water wedding at Conrad Koh Samui

R-S (540)

The goal of marriage is not to think alike but to think together.
White and Pink are the perfect combination on the stunning over water view.
Wedding at Conrad Koh Samui.

R-S (13)Ring has long been the symbol of eternal love. A ring symbolizes completeness and also the infinite love between two people.

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R-S (36)Rustic natural style bouquet with loads of greenery and white flowers to have the balance of dark and soft color.

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R-S (57)

R-S (102)
Photos are the best part of the wedding as it captures the emotion and essence of time which you can always look into. Great photos reflect great emotions and expression.
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R-S (118)
Smile is the simplest and at the same time one of the biggest thing you can share with yourself and other people.
Bridal bouquet made of soft pink and white flowers with loads of green leaves, complimenting each other puts additional contrast to the bride’s smile.
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R-S (189)

Love cannot be defined by words. There isn’t enough words to explain. You can see the depth of love when you see two people look at each other and are lost instantly lost.
Love and tradition goes hand to hand. What a great start to the wonderful wedding ceremony with the Father seeing his daughter in the White wedding gown before the walk down the aisle.
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R-S (200)
Its all about creating unforgettable memories and having fun.
Additional touch to the chairs with rustic fans to neat the summer heat.
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R-S (210)

Its always fun to having things outside of the box. Clear Chuppah for the ceremony to give a wider view and space for the Ceremony.
Not to forget the over the water stage over looking magnificent view of the ocean in the back drop.
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R-S (384)
Wedding Celebrant conducting the wonderful ceremony with all attention on the wonderful couple with  Groomsmen and bridesmaids by their side.
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R-S (443)
The feelings of being announced as the Newly wed, is just exhilarating. The facial expression of the couple  and the guests says it all.
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R-S (537)
The moment when you both know that you have found the one, the one whom you will grow old with. A picture speaks a thousand words and the photographer is a write in his own way.
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R-S (545)
Wonderful clear Chuppah with floating flowers on top and the wonderful sunset picture as the backdrop, what more can you ask than sealing a kiss with the one whom you will be spending your life. Simply Beautiful
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R-S (540)
Its all about sharing your love and happiness with others.
Wedding is memorable with all the funny moments with your friends and family.
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R-S (586)
Picture speaks thousands of words. This picture portrays the love that will last for eternity.
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R-S (605)

Touch of a fancy decoration for the bride and groom seats. Flowers with fabric draping transforming the chairs into the newly Man and Woman Throne.
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R-S (615)
One of the main part of the wedding that the people remembers is the dinner reception. The dinner reception table decoration kept simple yet elegant and neat with free flowing leaves and white roses acting like a table runner. In addition to it, gold table candle holder with long candles to lit the night away.
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R-S (928)
Beach  dinner reception is just mesmerizing with the string lights and hanging green leaves and crystal ball with tea light candles to give the romantic vibe.
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R-S (934)
The best way to starts the night is with awesome romantic first dance. Slow and heart warming performance by the newly weds to hit the dance floor for the after party.
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Wedding planner : Bliss Events & Wedding (Thailand)
Venue : Conrad Koh Samui
Equipment decor : MORE Events Rental
Florist : Botanic Floral Samui
Photographer : Eak Samui Eak Kanjanamai


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