Indian wedding ceremony of Natasha & Shuj at Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui


The wedding is like a blank canvas where you paint it with your crazy idea. This Wedding is about a wonderful couple who decided to follow their own traditional way plus the fun of the western style by having two different ceremonies.

First day, western style wedding on the beach with the magnificent ocean as the back ground and staying true to the beach wedding.

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The wedding venue plays a vital role in the overall experience of the wedding. It is something that will tingle the senses of sight which will leave your guests is a moment of WOW!! Samui is home to one of the best view of the ocean, islands and not to forget the mesmerizing sunset.

Second day was the traditional Indian style wedding setup on the lush green grass venue with popping white color theme which relaxing matching with the green hue.

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The color theme of the wedding is combination was simply white with some mixture of greens and few bright colors to give some refreshing view. All this combinations goes undoubtedly with the background of clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

Wedding is a personalized experience with the wedding couple expressions oneself. The unique design of the arch  on the first day and the gazebo on the second day shows that there is fun side to even simple design.

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The wedding is a place where happiness, love and joy is shared. The family and friends rejoicing in this happy moments creates a life long memories and bond which cannot be expressed with words.

Indian weddings are full of dancing which makes the wedding very fun and at the same time filled with emotion that binds both family together as one in this new journey.

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The wedding is not only about the Bride and Groom but also Parents and Daughter. It is a special moment for the Father and Mother to see his beautiful princess grow up and start a new journey.

In Indian tradition, it is considered giving away daughter for marriage as one of the highest privilege  on can fulfill in life. This moment is both fascinating and emotional at the same time.

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Baraat is a unique experience in Indian Wedding. It is a parade where the groom walks in with his families and friends dancing, singing with drum rolls and live music to fill the atmosphere with excitement.  It is one of the part which is very unique as compared to western where the bride makes the walk, in Indian it is the groom that makes the walk to get his wonderful wife.

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Wedding is ones in a life time moment which kick starts a wonderful new journey for two people who are in love and who’s’ souls are connected by body and heart. Wedding is the place where everyone celebrates the victory of love. It is celebrated with close families and friends who have been a part of the life with significant role.

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Everything about the wedding is special, but the part everyone waits eagerly, even the bride and the groom is when they are pronounce “Husband and Wife” . What comes after that is a magical seal which emits loves and devotion in the atmospheres and blast of with a happy celebration.

Following traditional culture keeping the tradition alive is another experience in Indian wedding. The tradition signifies special things that binds two families as one in this new journey.

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Bridesmaid and Groomsmen makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable. Having the family join in this exciting moment just tops all the experience in a wedding. The pictures shows the passion, the emotions and the excitement for the newly weds and not to forget the traditional aspect of the Indian wedding and keep it alive. There is no number of pictures that can be enough to capture the emotions of weddings and seeing two people joining as one.

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The best part of the wedding is you get to go crazy with your friends. The only time where no matter how crazy things you do, all is acceptable by the families!!!!

This is the time when you see how far you have come in life and that it wouldn’t be possible without all the supports from friends and family.

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The wedding is the day when 99.99% of the attention is at the Bride. Bride is the center of the whole wedding with her beautiful makeup and hair and not to forget the breathtaking wedding dress reflecting her culture is a blissful site to experience.

Beautiful in Red, the bride is giving her best pose to capture both her beauty along with the beautiful dress and ornaments along with her husband in the traditional dress for the Indian Ceremony

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Little things do matter and matter the most in the wedding. Event the smallest details plays a big part in ones wedding and makes the wedding experience a phenomenal one.

The photographs of the grandparents who have been a very important part of the couple life showcased to show that they are missed in this wonderful moment but will always be living in the heart of the family and friends.

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The dinner decoration with bring color flowers and vintage set of table number giving the rich and colorful dinning experience for the guests. Mixture of the green and white with some color staying true to the whole color theme.

Adding a personal touch to the dinner experience with eh personalized seating board with green leaves decoration is a plus point.

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The dinner on the lush green landscape with white tiffany chairs to compliment the surrounding. The hanging Chiang Mai Lanterns to add another touch to the wedding experience.

After party setup with PAR LEDs and also the custom made DJ booth for the DJ to rock the night away.

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Decoration plays a huge part in a wedding to
and we at The Bliss Events Thailand make sure
That each and every wedding has its own
Unique trade mark cause for us no two wedding
Is the same!!! The only factor which is the same
Is the passion and love and all the hard work
We put to make the wedding a memorable one

Venue : Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui
Equipment decor & Sound & Lighting : MORE Events Rental
Weddingplanner : Bliss Events & Wedding (Thailand)

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