Riya & Alex wedding at Villa Katrani Koh Samui


The wedding is about expressing the inner desire and making it a personal experience for the couple, the guests to create a unique ever lasting memories.

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The wedding venue plays a vital role in the overall experience of the wedding. It is something that will tingle the senses of sight which will leave your guests is a moment of WOW!! Samui is home to one of the best view of the ocean, islands and not to forget the mesmerizing sunset.

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The color theme of the wedding is combination of different hue of purple complimenting with the natural green leaves and white flowers. All this combinations goes undoubtedly with the background of clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds.
Wedding is a personalized experience with the wedding couple expressions oneself. The unique design of the arch shows the fun side of the couple and willingness to be different and standout to give a exceptional experience to the guests.

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The wedding is a place where happiness, love and joy is shared. The family and friends rejoicing in this happy moments creates a life long memories and bond which cannot be expressed with words.

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The wedding is not only about the Bride and Groom but also Father and Daughter. It is a special moment for the Father to see his beautiful princess grow up and start a new journey.

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The bond of father and daughter without a doubt is a special one which only grows stronger by each passing day. The happiness in the picture says it all. The father looks delighted and happy for his daughter who is finally going to have her own family.

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Wedding is ones in a life time moment which kick starts a wonderful new journey for two people who are in love and who’s’ souls are connected by body and heart. Wedding is the place where everyone celebrates the victory of love and better celebrated with close families and friends who have been a part of the life with significant role.

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Everything about the wedding is special, but the part everyone waits eagerly, even the bride and the groom is when they are pronounce “Husband and Wife” . What comes after that is a magical seal which emits loves and devotion in the atmospheres and blast of with a happy celebration.

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Bridesmaid and Groomsmen makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable. The pictures shows the passion, the emotions and the excitement for the newly weds. There is no number of pictures that can be enough for the bride and groom with their bridesmaid and groomsmen to capture the essence of the moments.

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The best part of the wedding is you get to go crazy with your friends. The only time where no matter how crazy things you do, all is acceptable by the families!!!! The groomsmen, throwing the groom and living the quote “Star is the limit”!!!

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The wedding is the day when 99.99% of the attention is at the Bride. Bride is the center of the whole wedding with her beautiful makeup and hair and not to forget the breathtaking wedding dress that event the children wish to wear one day for their own wedding.
Beautiful in white, the bride is giving her best pose to capture both her beauty along with the beautiful white dress.

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It not always the Groom and Groomsmen who gets to go crazy!! The bride and the bridesmaid have their own definition of crazy.
Lovely, pictures of the bride and bridesmaid with the dress expressing more that what just meets the eye. The symbolic meaning of the pictures has many meaning which only friends knows after spending nearly half of the entire of life together and looking out for each other.

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Katrani22Feb-53Little things do matter and matter the most in the wedding. Event the smallest details plays a big part in ones wedding and makes the wedding experience a phenomenal one.
The photographer managed to get the most cutest picture where the flower girls is on the stage wondering of her own big day!!!!

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Katrani22Feb-51 Katrani22Feb-62

The dinner decoration with bring color flowers and vintage set of candle holders giving the rich and colorful dinning experience for the guests.
What a great way to end a wonderful wedding!!! Brilliant dinner reception, wonderful food, and drinks to dance the night out.

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Decoration plays a huge part in a wedding to and we at The Bliss Events Thailand make sure That each and every wedding has its own Unique trade mark cause for us no two wedding Is the same!!! The only factor which is the same Is the passion and love and all the hard work We put to make the wedding a memorable one.

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Venue : Villa Katrani Koh Samui
Equipment decor : MORE Events Rental
Florist: Blossom by Ohm
Weddingplanner : Bliss Events & Wedding (Thailand)
Website: www.blisseventthailand.com

A wonderful over the water wedding at Conrad Koh Samui.


This gallery contains 24 photos.

Congratulation to Michelle and Zhan Hong for a wonderful over the water wedding at Conrad Koh Samui. The theme was elegant white and blush pink. The two color contrast with the beautiful sunset to create a memorable wedding ceremony. —————————- … Continue reading

Ruth & Sam wedding over water wedding at Conrad Koh Samui

R-S (540)

The goal of marriage is not to think alike but to think together.
White and Pink are the perfect combination on the stunning over water view.
Wedding at Conrad Koh Samui.

R-S (13)Ring has long been the symbol of eternal love. A ring symbolizes completeness and also the infinite love between two people.

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R-S (36)Rustic natural style bouquet with loads of greenery and white flowers to have the balance of dark and soft color.

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R-S (57)

R-S (102)
Photos are the best part of the wedding as it captures the emotion and essence of time which you can always look into. Great photos reflect great emotions and expression.
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R-S (118)
Smile is the simplest and at the same time one of the biggest thing you can share with yourself and other people.
Bridal bouquet made of soft pink and white flowers with loads of green leaves, complimenting each other puts additional contrast to the bride’s smile.
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R-S (189)

Love cannot be defined by words. There isn’t enough words to explain. You can see the depth of love when you see two people look at each other and are lost instantly lost.
Love and tradition goes hand to hand. What a great start to the wonderful wedding ceremony with the Father seeing his daughter in the White wedding gown before the walk down the aisle.
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R-S (200)
Its all about creating unforgettable memories and having fun.
Additional touch to the chairs with rustic fans to neat the summer heat.
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R-S (210)

Its always fun to having things outside of the box. Clear Chuppah for the ceremony to give a wider view and space for the Ceremony.
Not to forget the over the water stage over looking magnificent view of the ocean in the back drop.
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R-S (384)
Wedding Celebrant conducting the wonderful ceremony with all attention on the wonderful couple with  Groomsmen and bridesmaids by their side.
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R-S (443)
The feelings of being announced as the Newly wed, is just exhilarating. The facial expression of the couple  and the guests says it all.
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R-S (537)
The moment when you both know that you have found the one, the one whom you will grow old with. A picture speaks a thousand words and the photographer is a write in his own way.
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R-S (545)
Wonderful clear Chuppah with floating flowers on top and the wonderful sunset picture as the backdrop, what more can you ask than sealing a kiss with the one whom you will be spending your life. Simply Beautiful
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R-S (540)
Its all about sharing your love and happiness with others.
Wedding is memorable with all the funny moments with your friends and family.
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R-S (586)
Picture speaks thousands of words. This picture portrays the love that will last for eternity.
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R-S (605)

Touch of a fancy decoration for the bride and groom seats. Flowers with fabric draping transforming the chairs into the newly Man and Woman Throne.
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R-S (615)
One of the main part of the wedding that the people remembers is the dinner reception. The dinner reception table decoration kept simple yet elegant and neat with free flowing leaves and white roses acting like a table runner. In addition to it, gold table candle holder with long candles to lit the night away.
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R-S (928)
Beach  dinner reception is just mesmerizing with the string lights and hanging green leaves and crystal ball with tea light candles to give the romantic vibe.
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R-S (934)
The best way to starts the night is with awesome romantic first dance. Slow and heart warming performance by the newly weds to hit the dance floor for the after party.
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Wedding planner : Bliss Events & Wedding (Thailand)
Venue : Conrad Koh Samui
Equipment decor : MORE Events Rental
Florist : Botanic Floral Samui
Photographer : Eak Samui Eak Kanjanamai



Contact us at info@blisseventthailand.com

Amy & Paul wedding at Vanabelle Koh Samui


wedding planner by


Congratulation to Amy & Paul wedding at Vana Belle Koh Samui.Looking for exotic venue for your big day!!! Wedding at Main Lobby Vana belle koh samui over looks the magnificent ocean from a height and not to forget he clear sky blending into the background! Simple breathtaking.


Indoor chapel style wedding with the magnificent view of the blue ocean, what more could you wish for on your big day. Clean simple white theme with clustered flowers gazebo and the hint of gold from the tiffany chair resulting in a simple yet elegant wedding ceremony.


 Small little things make everything wonderful. The silver lanterns with candles on the aisle give you the warmth feeling and at the same time make the aisle look elegant.


Rings are sacred symbol long used to express Love. Floral ring holder made fresh from the orchid flowers. The natural ring holder provide the fresh tropical feeling to the wedding.


Words cannot express the emotion flowing through one’s body when you see the love of your life walking down the aisle toward you. The face of the groom says it all.


The wedding ceremony is special time between the bride and groom. What make its even special are the close families and friends gathered from long distance to be a part of the big day and celebrate together.


The first official kiss after being officially announced and husband and wife!!!!! One kiss to seal the vows and to cherish the days to come as married couple.


The first official kiss after being officially announced and husband and wife!!!!! One kiss to seal the vows and to cherish the days to come as married couple.


If it isn’t nicer then to have the first celebrator toast with the love of your life then what is!!!


Awesome beach photos with the couple and the champagne glasses. It is always about different perspective!


The best things about the dinner are the foods!!!  But what make it more intriguing are the decorations. Fairy light backdrop gives you the feeling of being surrounded by the stars and the long table runner is simply making the table look more elegant.


The end is the highlight of every wedding. This wedding ended with an awesome fire show which pumped up all the guests as well as the newlyweds with loads of heat.

Venue : Vana belle Koh Samui
Equipment decor : MORE Events Rental
Florist: Botanic Floral Samui
Weddingplanner : Bliss Events & Wedding (Thailand)
Website: www.blisseventthailand.com

Samujana Koh Samui, Thailand | Destination Wedding Venues


Wonderful villas located between the lush green mountain of Koh Samui is the perfect escape location to indulge in. Blessed by the hillside location with private beach,
it makes Samujana the ideal location for intimate weddings away from the busy hustle of everyday life.

The villas are the result of great Thai Contemporary style architecture with the Eco green design to make it modern, luxury and at the same time cozy for all
the guests indulging in this wonderful property.

Samujana is ideal to held you intimate destination wedding. It offers  not only the huge villas but there is massive green lawns and the private beach to quell
your thirst it its privacy and not to forget the magnificent sea view which instantly will take your breath away. From parties, cocktail reception to plain to dinner
with various facilities such as entertainment ranging from International DJs, Fireworks, Fire dance, name it all!!!! Full guarantee that your guests and yourself
will be filled with unforgettable memories and stories.


Pre Ceremony

11165044_10156790421580164_4480917098854970683_oThe Per-Ceremony can be held at the massive villas which Samujana provides with breathtaking views of the lush green trees and the blue ocean.
The guests can chill at the villas and cool of before the ceremony. Welcome drinks to welcome the guests and the views, what more than these combination
you require to give a stunning first impression.



SA (10) MSSM-52

Samujana offers you 3 difference ceremony options, 1) The Private beach, 2) the Small Lawn and 3) The Big lawn. Regardless of the venues option,
you are blessed with the luscious blue oceans and the sea breeze which cools off your guests when they are at the ceremony. The ceremony at the
lawn is like a heaven in earth. Big Palm trees soaring up the skies, with the wavy blue ocean behind and not to forget the lush green lawn, is a
perfect outdoor wedding dream of every couple.



Post Ceremony



Post ceremony is always a good idea to cool off after the emotional and joyful ceremony. We can create a lounge area with sofas, stools and tents with
open bar to cater to the guests. Guests can relax and enjoy the transaction to Dusk with chilled drinks and close family and friends.


Wedding Reception

MSSM-240Bliss (7)

The wedding reception can be held at both at the big lawn to give a big impression and also the decoration wise it looks grand and massive or the small lawn.
Both are perfect as both if these lawn are big and spacious.


After party


Finally, the after party!!! The guests can indulge in after party and party the night out at the private villas equipped with huge swimming pools
giving it a perfect private venue for the after party. The villas are located on the hills so it makes a great place to max out the music and party till the end of dusk.