Entertainment in Koh Samui – Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Weddings are all about bringing friends and family together to celebrate your special day. For guests, the best moments are witnessing the ceremony, enjoying the meal and then hitting the dance floor. Doing so should keep them pretty busy, but there’s always more that you can offer them. Keep the party going with these eight wedding entertainment ideas.

Take Them for a Ride

Transport guests from your ceremony to your reception tourist-style. Hire a local tour company to pick everyone up and take them on a brief tour of the area as they make their way to your reception space. If you’d rather skip a formal tour, give them an impromptu one as you joyride between events. Look for a trolley or ferry that will hold all your guests and treat everyone to a free ride.

DIY Photo Booth

Put a unique spin on the photo booth (a popular crowd-pleaser!). Make your own backdrop, props or gag items to create a theme for the booth. It’s an easy DIY project for your wedding, and the possibilities are endless. For example: Set up a faux wall and cover it with wallpaper and various vintage frames, cutting out the spaces where the pictures would usually be. Guests can pop their heads in and out to pose for photos with one another. Arrange for a photographer to snap the pics, or set up a camera with an automatic setting to let guests control the shoot.

Hire a Live Artist

Here’s how it works: An artist will arrive at the wedding, set up a canvas and quietly paint a picture of the event as it’s taking place. While he or she works, your guests can watch and throughout the evening check back in to see how the painting is going. Plus, it’s the ultimate keepsake—what better way to preserve the magic of your special day?

Make the Meal the Center of Attention

You’ve seen an ice cream truck pull up to a wedding reception before, but what about a gelato hut or a taco stand on wheels? If you have a favorite local vendor (particularly one who’s mobile), hire them to serve dessert or a late-night snack at your reception. This idea is great for park weddings or outdoor receptions and perfect for the summer or fall season.

Try Wine-Tasting Stations

Skip the signature cocktail and host a beer or wine tasting instead. Display top picks from the bride and groom to make it personal and, for added authenticity, hire a sommelier to introduce the wine and teach each guest how to properly cleanse their palate. Give out monogrammed wine bottle holders as favors for guests to take home.

Book a Comedian

Keep your guests smiling! Hire a professional jokester to work the room. Whether she’s doing a stand-up routine or just warming up the crowd between meals, the right comedian will know what is and isn’t appropriate material for the occasion. He can even serve as your emcee for the evening by introducing the bride and groom and telling the crowd what’s about to happen next.

Create a Game Night Theme

Retro is making a big comeback. If your wedding is more on the casual side or you’re going for a vintage theme, seat guests early and let the cocktail hour double as a game night. Few can resist a round or two of their old favorites. Have a different game on each table and post easy step-by-step instructions to remind guests how to play. Avoid those that have a difficult setup or takedown and complicated game play; opt for simple favorites like Scrabble, Checkers, Connect Four, Uno or Sorry!

Set Up a Sand Art Station

If you’re getting married beachside or going for a nautical theme, consider having a sand art station at your reception. Guests can visit the table and watch a live demo on how to transform sand into lovely keepsakes; then they can get crafty and build their own personalized favors to take home. The kids on your guest list will especially love the idea, though beware: If left unattended, they might make quite a mess.