Fun Activities in Koh Samui

When visiting Koh Samui, there are many fun activities in Koh Samui that a person should try out before they head back home. What many tourists love is that Koh Samui activities are not only a lot of fun but inexpensive as well. Discover the highly sought after activities in this island right here.

Some people may want to go on a whole day fishing tour in Koh Samui. Various tours are available and during these tours, travellers can catch a snapper, barracuda, or other types of fish. These tours include round-trip transfers from the hotel to the tour site, the tour, and lunch.

Five Islands Tour offered is another activity that tourists may want to consider. This tour involves a visit to small islands off Koh Samui’s coast. Sights consist of caves, secluded beaches, remote dwellings, and other spectacular marvels. Snorkelling, lunch and dinner is also a part of the tour fee.

Inside the forested mountain by Chaweng Beach Road lies the Spa Samui Village. Here visitors can enjoy yoga salsa and herbal steam saunas that are inside caves. Massages are offered and free shuttles are available as well.

A holistic wellness center, is located on Laem Set beach. Koh Samui activities from detox programs to infrared ray saunas to Chi Gong, Pilates, yoga, and even weight loss programs.

There is also a Health Oasis Resort located on the Bang Po ring road. This wellness resort is one of a kind and offers a house herbalist and naturopath. They have other specialized treatments as well like light transformation, polarity zapper, and ozone therapy.

Those looking to relax and unwind should consider taking up yoga classes. Absolute Yoga and Yoga Thailand are offered in Koh Samui. Absolute Yoga is located at the Fisherman’s Village entrance in Bophut and offers Pilates as well as hot yoga. Yoga rates per session and monthly rates are available.

Other Koh Samui activities a person should consider include monkey shows, elephant riding, tiger shows, banana boat riding, jet skiing and Muay Thai training.

Travellers who want to experience healing should check out Dharma Healing International. This facility is on a small beach called Lipa Yai that is located right by Lipa Noi. This healing center is very spiritual and Buddhist, especially amongst all of Koh Samui’s wellness centers. The main focus is fasting, discovering the inner child, and Vipassana meditation. Various courses are available depending on the visitors’ interest.

There are a lot of Koh Samui activities available in this island, which makes it a fun destination for all visitors. Don’t miss out on experiencing enjoyment and relaxation at this breath-taking island.

Three Reasons To Stay At Koh Samui

Surat Thani - Koh Samui

There are tons of Koh Samui attractions that make this island a tourist magnet to vacationers everywhere. The obvious things that entice people from all over the planet to pay a visit to this tropical paradise, and come back to visit it again and again, include the white sand beach, crystal-clear ocean water, sea breeze, outstanding local hospitality and of course unforgettable sites.

However, similar things can be found at other popular tourist destinations elsewhere – so what separates this island from its counterparts within and outside the country? Below are the four biggest reasons that make this private getaway standout from the rest.

First off, Samui has the perfect balance between seclusion and convenience – since it can’t be reached by bus, travellers who go here tend to spend more time. While this islet is more developed as compared to other locations within region, there are numerous spots that are left virtually untouched.

For this reason, people can either choose to stay at a place loaded with various types of accommodations, which are closely situated near shops, bars, clubs and other commercial establishments; or stay at a mediocre to premium villa located far from such businesses and noisy tourists.

The second reason can be considered one of the biggest Koh Samui attractions: local cuisine. There’s a good reason why Thai cook books sell very well. Some of the best restaurants in the entire island include “The Z” and “Beyond the Sea” – they’ve been praised by individuals from all parts of the world for their mouth-watering, tongue-tantalizing food.

Third reason to stay at this fun-filled island is the wide range of activities for tourists to do – for those who like to spend their holidays at a laid-back pace, buying books from local stores, and reading under the palm shades at the beach, is one thing for these types to do. They can also choose to go to a spa, and unwind with a massage from experienced professionals.

As for those who’d like to keep busy during their visitations, this islet does exceptionally well at catering for that need – getting on a boat going to Ang Thong Marine Park is a great option. Here, vacationers can choose to go snorkelling, kayaking, or explore the park’s interior.

There are of course, plenty of other Koh Samui attractions, which make this tourist hotspot an excellent place to visit. The ones listed here are just some of many reasons why a vacationist should definitely consider spending a vacation here! More importantly Wedding in Koh Samui can be considered as the most romantic and memorable. Many activities have been described on this blog in earlier posts, however if you would like to learn more about some other activities we haven’t yet covered, please let us know.

Full Moon Night Theme Party

Event Company in Koh Samui

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Wedding in Samui & Koh Phangan Thailand – Vionette and Robert Wedding

Vionette and Robert Wedding

The beautiful backdrop of a blue ocean in Koh Samui is where Vionnette & Robert chose to be their destination wedding in Thailand.

When you have a traditional Thai wedding the wedding procedure is really touching and personalized. Every element of set up and décor is thought through with intricate detail.

Robert started the ceremony as he was introduced by a long drum parade, he then crossed two gates called the “silver gate” and “gold gate” in order to meet with Vionnette on the wedding day. The parade is consisted of traditional Khan Mak (7 sets of fruit, Thai desserts and religious equipment) as Thai people believe in bringing prosperity to the newly married couple.

Following a monk blessing ceremony, the wedding ritual is performed by the senior monk who draped sacred string around the heads of the couple to symbolize their commitment to one another before sprinkling them with holy water from a leafy branch. Gifts and small donations were presented by the couple to the monks, after which there were more prayers. The ceremony lasted for 30 minutes, and conveyed an almost hypnotic feeling on everyone present.

After the monks departed, there was a water blessing ceremony which give their guests the opportunity to bestow their individual blessings. This they did, one by one, by gently pouring water over the hands of the couple. The water passed through the hands of the bride and groom and into a flower filled vessel beneath.

All arrangements were by Bliss Weddings & Events in Thailand